What is covered by the 1-year warranty?

We stand behind everything we sell, so you can shop with confidence that our equipment is built to last. While unlikely, if you experience a mechanical failure, items can be returned within a year of purchase for a refund or replacement (shipping or handling costs may apply). Limit to one item warranty replacement per customer.
To help protect our customers and make sure every return or exchange is dealt with fairly, we may either require a receipt or decline a return or exchange in certain situations, including:

  • Items that were not purchased directly fromwww.upliftactive.com
  • Items with a missing label or an item that has been defaced
  • Items damaged through improper use or ironing
  • Items damaged with fabric snags, tears, or puncture holes
  • On rare occasions, based on the nature of prior transactions
  • Items that have been soiled or contaminated
  • Items lost or damaged due to fire, flood or natural disaster

Uplift Active's guarantee does not cover color fading from leaving hammocks in sunlight or outside, or any damage caused by improper use or accidents. Always keep sharp objects away from your yoga hammock and never use zippered clothes with the hammock. We cannot cover snags or tears on fabric. Aerial fabric must be treated with care and is prone to snags and puncture holes, commonly caused by jewelry, zippers, long nails or other accessories. Do not use wedding rings or earrings with your aerial fabric. The exception to this is snags, tears or scratches on arrival due to manufacturer defect, and this must be reported within 14 days of delivery with photo or video evidence. Inspect all products within 14 days after delivery and before each use and do not use if you have signs of wear and tear. Uplift Active reserves the right to decline any warranty return or exchange at their sole discretion. 1-year warranty does not apply to X-Pole products. All X-Pole products and their associated parts are guaranteed free of manufacturing defect for a period of 6 months from date of purchase. Defects from use, wear and tear, chipped edges from pole to pole contact, or being dropped, and anything outside of a pure manufacturing defect are not covered.

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