How do I find someone to rig my apparatus?

We always recommend hiring a professional rigger or structural engineer to help with the installation to determine what rigging equipment is needed for the space. Local aerial studios/circus/theater groups tend to be knowledgeable on the best people in your area, or the ETCP certification website has a directory of professional riggers.

Dynamic aerial movements produce forces greater than the body weight; for Aerial Yoga and Bungee Fitness, professional riggers typically recommend rigging point can hold a minimum of 3000lbs.

For Aerial Silks, you will need to be able to hold 5000lbs or more.

If you forgo professional rigging, you accept all liability for any injury or damage resulting from using the equipment and you potentially put the lives of yourself and others at risk. We highly advise professional installation.

When looking for contractors/riggers, if there is no one available in your area experienced in aerial rigging, you may look for a structural engineer or a contractor experienced in framing or structural work. We recommend consulting your local aerial studios for recommendations in your area.

If you have questions, we urge you to contact us directly. Our equipment is tested by third party engineering firms in Atlanta, GA; we can provide guidance on the right and wrong ways to use the equipment and where to find a qualified person to help with the installation.

No amount of care can eliminate all risks in Aerial Arts, but safe practice starts with professional installation. Uplift Active cannot be held responsible for damages incurred to property or life by improper installation or rigging of Uplift Active products - always hire a professional!

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