What is the difference between Low and Medium stretch fabric?

We have several types of fabric available in our store. Fabric ranges from low to medium stretch depending on the variant selected. Low stretch is easiest for beginners; it's easy to climb and maintains a consistent height for aerial yoga. Medium stretch is best for more experienced aerial enthusiasts, as it provides a cushion to tricks and flips.

Our low stretch solid colors are the most popular in studios; they are shimmery, soft, and have a nice low level of stretch that's easy to climb.

Our ombre colors are a low-medium stretch and also have a nice shimmery finish. The ombre colors are slightly stretchier than the low stretch, providing a cushion in flips and tricks, but still plenty supportive for aerial yoga.

Our printed colors are a low-medium stretch, and are slightly stiffer/less stretchy than the ombre fabrics, making them easy to grip.

Our medium stretch colors are available by special request. They are more stretchy than our low stretch, and are great for aerial tricks and flips. These colors can still be used for aerial yoga, but it's recommended for intermediate and advanced students.

If you're interested in seeing and feeling fabrics before you buy, try our fabric samples.

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