Is your Aerial Rig weight tested and certified?

Yes! All our products are independently tested and rated for aerial use. Our Height Adjustable Rig is tested by professional riggers at an independent engineering firm. The minimum breaking strength of the rig is 1550lbs, at which point a leg bends irreparably. Click here to see a photo of one of our tests.  When you buy a rig from us, you are buying a tried and true, tested design.

All ratings are taken from the weakest possible configuration (a single point load from the center of the top bar on the tallest setting).

This rig has a 10:1 safety factor for Aerial Use at 155lb user weight and a 5:1 safety factor at a 310lb user weight. We recommend a maximum user weight load of 155lbs for dynamic tricks, and 310lbs for aerial yoga and conditioning (drops and doubles are not recommended).

The Portable Aerial Rig is made of stainless steel and aluminum, so it's strong and durable for many years of use. That being said, we do not recommend drops, doubles, or swinging like a swing set on the rig. The rig is meant to absorb shock loads and is a fantastic tool to condition and train when used correctly as advised.

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