Can I use the Aerial Rig outside?

Yes, you can use our Aerial Rigs outside. Aerial Rigs make aerial yoga accessible just about anywhere, and there's nothing like practicing in a beautiful setting outdoors. The best practice is to take them down when not in use. They are not intended to be left outside long term and will weather or rust with repeated exposure to moisture.

If you need to keep it outside longer, there are metal protectant sprays (like Sta-Bil Rust Stopper) that may prevent weathering, and some customers keep a tarp over it when not in use to protect against morning dew. We recommend avoiding rain and moisture to prevent damage. Every climate is different and more humid/wet climates are more prone to weathering. Parts may rust over time, and we sell replacement parts if needed. The warranty does not cover damage from outside use, and regular inspection of the equipment is especially important if you plan to use it outdoors.

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