Can I have more info on Aerial Yoga Academy?

We have two Aerial Yoga Teacher Training options, provided by Aerial Yoga Academy - Online Training, or Online + In-Person Training. Both options include the 250 Hour Teaching Certification. If you select the online portion, everything is completed remotely. For the In-Person, the first part of the training is completed at your own pace, through the Aerial Yoga Academy online portal and practice at home or at a location of your choice. Then the final training teach-out is completed in-person under the guidance of one of our master instructors. The biggest benefit of this is that you can learn on your own pace then receive personalized help with what you need.
The course offers a comprehensive training manual and easy to follow training videos. The five sections start from very easy beginners poses to more intermediate poses such as inversions. Each pose is accompanied by a video with step by step instructions of how to do the pose as well as Anatomical focus, Therapeutic applications, cuing tips and benefits. Our upcoming locations for training is available here.

The course is personalized and we work with each student as an individual; we are accessible for students to work with us during the training and after via skype, phone, facetime, and WhatsApp. The flexibility of the course caters to all lifestyles as the bulk of the training is completed with the convenience of studying in your own home.

The $599 250hr Online Course includes:
250hr International Aerial Yoga Certificate + 20 Bonus Advanced Poses
90 Hours of Aerial Yoga Techniques
30 Hours of Aerial Yoga Methodology
100 Hours of Aerial Yoga Practicum
30 Hours of Traditional Principles and Techniques
Over 180 hours of contact guidance in all areas

You may sign up for the Aerial Yoga Academy on our website here or reply to us with any other questions that you have.

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