Where can I hang my yoga hammock?

By far the easiest and most portable option to rig is by using our Yoga Swing Stand. These are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.
If hanging indoors (or outdoors) from a beam or ceiling, we recommend hiring a professional rigger to help install your aerial equipment. The simplest way to install is to use an exposed beam in your house, garage or porch, but you'll need to have this tested to ensure it is sturdy enough to hold a dynamic weight load. Always use a stud finder to locate beams and have them tested before using for inversions. Be sure to use hardware approved for holding overhead human weight. If you are mounting into a wood, consider installing our Ceiling X-Mounts. You can also potentially hang your hammock in a doorway. The key here is safety first - always have a professional rigger, licensed contractor, or engineer help you with aerial installations!
A fast and easy option is to see if your local park has any swingsets; you can simply wrap up existing swings and set up your hammock.
We do not recommend rigging from trees; it is dangerous as it can be very difficult to determine the tree's weight limit. We do not recommend this option unless your tree has been assessed by an arborist and your set up is created by a professional rigger. Often, tree branches are not as sturdy as they look!

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