Can I hang from a tree?

We do not recommend rigging from trees. It is dangerous because it is difficult to predict a tree's strength. There are many unknown factors with trees - a tree may look big and strong, but it could have damage undetectable to the untrained eye - such as prior storm damage, internal rot, pests, etc. The safety of a tree rigging can change over time, as the tree is a living, changing organism. Some trees can be prone to sudden branch drop syndrome.

Rigging from trees is possible to do in a relatively safe way, but it requires an experienced rigger and arborist to evaluate the tree's health and suitability for rigging. Many tree rigging set-ups done the right way require more than one tree. We recommend to consult a professional rigger to create your set up, as well as an arborist for an evaluation on the tree's health.

There is an increased risk of injury or death with tree rigging and several reported cases of serious injury and death in the aerial arts community due to tree rigging failure. For your safety, please do not hang from trees.

Aerial Fabric is not designed to be left outside; please be aware the color will fade with repeated exposure to outdoors. A safer, and often more affordable option is a portable rig, such as the Height Adjustable Aerial Rig.

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